Privateer Journey

Learning to Play the Guitar

For those that have always wanted to play the guitar but never learned, the idea can be intimidating. If you didn’t learn at an early age, later in life, you may feel it’s too late for you. Or you may feel you don’t have the time to put in the countless hours to learn such a cool skill.

However, the one decision to learn to play the guitar can change your life. Even if you feel you are too old or that learning will be too hard. All I can say about that is those fears are unfounded. Just give it a try and see what happens!

All you need to do is set aside a few hours and come in with the mentality that you are just trying something new. Playing the guitar is just about training and exercising your fingers to move in a new way.

There are so many benefits to learning to play the guitar. These include the experience of being able to play great music and really lose yourself in the music and the moment. You can also meet new and interesting people through this hobby who can open new doors and ideas to you. And of course, it’s a nice skill to be able to show off to people and increase your attractiveness.

Here is a great tutorial at the bottom that shows you  how to learn to play the guitar in under 10 hours. Think about that; learning a life changing skill in under 10 hours! If you don’t have 10 hours to spare for learning such an amazing skill; if you’re too busy watching House of Cards, then you don’t deserve to learn this stuff.

The first step is learning the 5 basic finger positions and chords. Once you practice these and become comfortable, you have a great foundation to really improve. This only takes a few hours to learn in the beginning, and then you just need to devote a little time each day or week to practice, improve, and expand on what you’ve already learned.

In the beginning, your fingers and wrist may experience some discomfort due to the new and different positions that you are learning, but this is normal and you will eventually adjust and acclimate over time and become comfortable. Once you become a little comfortable, you can really experiment with different techniques into what makes the music sound good.

To find your favorite songs that you can learn to play, just Google tabs of your favorite artists and songs. This will make your learning experience so much more fun and enjoyable. Being able to play your favorite songs on the spot is such an impressive skill to show off to others and it is very enjoyable.

To hold the guitar correctly, you should strum halfway between the sound hole and the bridge with your dominate hand and fret the strings on the neck with your other hand. The guitar should be resting on the leg of your dominant hand, while also stabilized by your upper body. Here is a great video that will help you learn to play the guitar.

Remember, playing music is an amazing and exciting journey, and I hope you will join us!